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School, College, Business, Commerce and Industry Accountability

28 Mar

Should British schools and colleges be measured not only on their GCSE results but also on their pupils into FE/HE, pupils into careers and pupils into apprenticeships and those onward Business, Commerce and Industry establishments be measured on their retention rate to help establish sustainable economic growth?

And should education be as “obsessed” with quality career guidance as it is with Maths, English and Science?

Senior Leaders in Schools and Colleges

26 Mar

Should the SLT, (Headteachers, deputy heads, assistant heads) and those with teaching and learning responsibility spend more time in the classroom leading by example on how to teach effectively and what an outstanding lesson looks like? Being observed by other staff rather than observing and “leading” by precept?

Women in Engineering and Manufacturing

26 Mar

How do we ensure more young women look at Engineering and Manufacturing apprenticeships with a view to a lifelong career?

If you were advising Government on how to get more young people into Engineering and Manufacturing apprenticeships – What’s your advice?

Pupil Assessment

26 Mar

Pupil Assessment.

Pupil Assessment

26 Mar

Developing outstanding assessment, how is it done?

What is assessment ?  How is it done best? (How should it not be done?)  What/who is being assessed? Why is it done? How is it used? What does the assessment tell us?

Can pupil assessment, either classroom or whole school affect pupil or school performance positively or negatively?