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Leadership in Complex Times

30 Mar


My life has got more complex.  It was my own fault, there is no-one else to blame.  I now work with a greater number of schools, they are more diverse in nature and there are many more connections to understand and take account of.

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Assessment: Teaching’s Hidden Gem

23 Mar


In many ways I’m thinking out loud about some of the changes that we are beginning to see in out nearly post-level World.  There is life after levels and it might be quite interesting.

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Time for a change?

16 Mar

I Should Be Marking

I seriously considered leaving education today. And if I had a viable exit strategy I might have taken it further.

Did I have a bad lesson? Was a pupil abusive, violent or threatening towards me? Not at all. I had the pleasure of my delightful Y7s, made a breakthrough with my Y8s, managed some productive revision and even had a pleasant time on a cover lesson.

What made me think about leaving was the agenda for Monday’s full staff meeting. Item 1? OFSTED. And pinned up next to it, the minutes of a recent Heads of Faculty meeting.

  • In recent years we’ve been told our lessons have to be pacey.
  • They have to help the students demonstrate independent learning.
  • We have to give the students time to explore concepts and ideas.
  • We have to demonstrate progress. From every student. Every 15 minutes.
  • We have to make sure we build literacy…

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Now it’s time for a review OF the ISC

16 Mar

Paul Bernal's Blog

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 06.45.25Like many others in the privacy field, I had waited for the Intelligence and Security Committee report ‘Privacy and Security: A modern and transparent legal framework’ with some trepidation – though after having made a submission myself, and participated in the ISC’s ’round table’ events that formed part of the consultation I had felt a little less overwhelming pessimism than I had previously. Having read it through after its release yesterday I feel a little underwhelmed. It isn’t quite as bad as I had feared – but it does come close. The general feeling I had, though, was that the ISC is still essentially out of touch, out of date, and unable to fulfil the critical role of scrutiny that it is tasked with.

One particular paragraph made the point most directly – and it concerned one of the most important areas of the review insofar as it relates to the…

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Ofsted’s Dead: Long Live Peer Review

9 Mar


Over the past month I’ve been blogging out thoughts about Beyond Inspection.  Essentially, what we need to do next, in terms of accountability, if we are going to produce more effective schools.

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A Stunning Graphic on the Failure of Test-Based Accountability

4 Mar

Diane Ravitch's blog

Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University posted this graphic on Twitter. It shows the flat lines and declines of U.S. scores on the international PISA test from 2000-2012.

Just think of the waste of billions of dollars for testing under both No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. Think of the children cheated of a real education. Think about the fact that Arne Duncan says that high-stakes testing is non-negotiable in any new Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Is it not the definition of insanity to do the same thing over and over for a dozen years without success and to expect better results if you do it for another 7-10 years?

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A Stunning Graphic on the Failure of Test-Based Accountability

4 Mar

A Stunning Graphic on the Failure of Test-Based Accountability.

Assessment: Teaching’s Hidden Gem

4 Mar

Assessment: Teaching’s Hidden Gem.

Pupil Assessment System

4 Mar

Anonymous Staff Consultation of current Pupil Assessment, Please do not name staff or pupils, any names included will be deleted