Assessment: Teaching’s Hidden Gem

4 Mar

Assessment: Teaching’s Hidden Gem.


One Response to “Assessment: Teaching’s Hidden Gem”

  1. Richard Soles March 5, 2015 at 9:45 am #

    Is it helpful when the whole school assessment policy contains remnants of grades and levels that might be in conflict with AfL implementation? would policy review should highlight inconsistencies and perhaps a reluctance to relinquish levels and grades for pupil feedback? Perhaps department meetings should have a standing agenda item, which includes some time specifically devoted to contributing, sharing, and developing AfL ideas. Should policy reviews include and allow time to embed any strategies instead of what appears to be SLT acting on a whim to implement a strategy because they went on a half day awareness course last week?! Or do we bounce from “pillar to post(-it note)?” (see what I did there?)

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