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notes from The Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce, part 2

12 Apr

Birthing Freedom

p. 96 … the brightest children are those who are allowed to stare without interruption. Staring may rough-in visual concepts as empty categories in the brain to be filled in later by full sensory interaction.

p. 97 The parents know that the biological plan leads toward the earth becoming the child’s matrix, with a creative logic unfolding by which the child’s physical survival in that world can be secured.

One issue that the parents keep uppermost in mind because it is easy to forget is that the child’s logic and their logic are different ways for processing information. … Their rule is never to describe any aspect of the world to their child by word or implication. Their education of him/her is into the world as it is, free of adult values placed on it.

The child is driving to acquire a completely nonspecific or unconditional knowledge of the…

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Academies: It’s a Fight, It’s a Real Fight

5 Apr

Even before the line was uttered, in Bridget Jones’s Diary, I found myself laughing as we watched the film again last Sunday.  The ridiculous, “It’s a fight, it’s a real fight” scene, involving Hug…

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