Selection brings policy carnage

10 Sep

Robert Hill's blog

I am clear that the decision to reintroduce selection big-time into English schooling is huge error. But this post does not debate the evidence or arguments about selection but looks at what the decision tells us in more general policy terms.

First, the Theresa May government is dysfunctional. Tony Blair, for whom I worked for five years, was criticised for centralized sofa government. But this decision shows that No 10 is even more dominant. The policy has all the hallmarks of being devised and written by someone who has just left his post heading up a lobby group – with all the skewed results that leads to. Frankly it feels like Theresa May’s chief of staff, Nick Timothy, is the de facto Secretary of State for Education. Justine Greening and the Department for Education have been completely railroaded in a way that even Blair never got near to. I also…

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