13 Mar

Are parents and examination boards so naïve that they believe their coursework examinations are completed within the allocated and allowed time? When schools regularly ‘offer’ (usually touted as compulsory) ‘catch-up’ lessons; intervention (read that as ‘additional’) lessons, afterschool sessions, most of which are curricular oriented not extracurricular, although they are promoted as ‘extra’ but it isn’t extra (above and beyond, it’s just more of the same). Exam boards and parents should hold schools to account for the amount of time afforded to the taught curriculum and stop the nonsense of more of the same. Schools should be made to publish all the extra classes that they require pupils to attend, morning, midday and afterschool, weekend and during the school break, in particular, Easter, when there’s a flurry of ‘catching up’ before the exams and these aren’t necessarily revision sessions either!

Extracurricular has long since stopped being beyond or outside the school’s taught curriculum but and has become ‘more of the same’ only to satisfy the school’s goal (not the pupil’s ability) of percentage A* – C (now attainment and progress 8).

Extracurricular is no longer anything to do with pupil’s self-fulfillment unfortunately and achievement it is now to do with league tables.
The true extracurricular sessions that are run are often during curriculum time in the guise of ‘intervention’, in which case pupils then do miss out on their allocated time and then need to catch-up in their own time, a pointless attempt at gaining ‘extra’ time in the year, there are only a specific number of hours in an academic year.


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