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What the Best Education Systems Are Doing Right

30 Oct

The Learning Renaissance


Finnish and Asian educational systems are often quoted as leading the OECD Educational Performance tables and models to aspire to emulate. Such talk is too simplistic as any understanding of comparative educational performance must start, not at outcomes, but at cultural drivers to the system.

In the UK, Tory educational policy has been very much driven by the idea of  letting the market decide. Parent choice has been presented as the democratisation of learning. Parents have been encouraged to seek out the best school for their child which tends to let poorer performing schools, or those in urban settings, to wither on the vine. The OFSTED inspection service has performed the role of arbiter of standards as the educational service has been privatised. Multiple Academy Trusts, in a competitive marketplace for education, have replaced the generally collaborative and accountable local authority control. The result is a diffuse and fragmented educational…

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Are MATs delivering economies of scale?

23 Oct

Source: Are MATs delivering economies of scale?