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The Folly of Multiple Academy Trusts – Unaccountable and Profit-driven – a Toxic Formula for Education

14 Feb

The Learning Renaissance


The answer, as with everything with this Tory government, was privatisation.

The question had been how to drive up standards in learning across the country.

Unsurprisingly, the Multiple Academy Chains which replaced Local Education Authorities made hay whilst the money was good and are now bleating when budgets are cut.

The MATs have had a patchy history, some embroiled in what amounted to embezzlement scams, with chief executives asked to, or forced to step down. Money has been misappropriated, often by those previously described as “superheads” on the basis of driving short term improvement in one school and then trying to take the same one trick pony of “do as I say and all will be well”  to multiples of schools. The element that characterised many of those leading MATS was a fearsome cult of personality that would make the North Korean leadership blush.

The result, bolstered by a culture…

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