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To what extent does Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies affect pupil performance and support a learning culture at Key-stage three?

31 Jul

Have AfL strategies been embedded in secondary schools? Have all staff received CPD in what AfL is and how to implement it effectively? Or is AfL being confused with Assessment of Learning?


The Impact of Educational Practice

24 May
  • What is the impact of educational practice?
  • To what extent does educational practice affect pupil progress and or teacher (lecturer) ability?
  • What practices are most effective?
  • What is, “outstanding educational practice?”
  • How is ‘outstanding’ measured?

Classroom Assessment

29 Oct

Do current classroom assessment techniques motivate pupils to learn who have “additional” learning needs?

Some pupils have varied educational needs which limited their learning, the needs include behaviour support, attention deficit (sometimes accompanied by) hyperactivity disorder; and are often “school phobic”. Their behaviour in “mainstream” classes often causes them to be removed from the classroom and their peers and tutored in isolation or in small groups. These pupils may not have had access to the learning skills which the main group of pupils had and so can their assessment in particular assessment for learning impact on their motivation to learn?