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To what extent does Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies affect pupil performance and support a learning culture at Key-stage three?

31 Jul

Have AfL strategies been embedded in secondary schools? Have all staff received CPD in what AfL is and how to implement it effectively? Or is AfL being confused with Assessment of Learning?


The Impact of Educational Practice

24 May
  • What is the impact of educational practice?
  • To what extent does educational practice affect pupil progress and or teacher (lecturer) ability?
  • What practices are most effective?
  • What is, “outstanding educational practice?”
  • How is ‘outstanding’ measured?

To what extent does technology enhance learning in KS4 Design and Technology?

20 Apr

Children access texts inside and outside school in an increasingly digital and multi-platform format and context. Does this enhance or inhibit learning?

Teaching and Lecturing Classroom Observations

12 Apr

Should Ofsted inspectors have business and industrial experience to be able to make judgements about teaching and learning and how the taught curriculum links with business and industrial skills?

Senior Leaders in Schools and Colleges

26 Mar

Should the SLT, (Headteachers, deputy heads, assistant heads) and those with teaching and learning responsibility spend more time in the classroom leading by example on how to teach effectively and what an outstanding lesson looks like? Being observed by other staff rather than observing and “leading” by precept?